Client Guidelines and Progress Letter Requests

Below, you’ll find detailed guidelines crafted to pave the path for program success.


We issue milestone certificates every 12 weeks as an acknowledgement for participant progress. Certificates of Completion are issued to those participants who complete all 52 weeks of their program.

Attendance and Participation

Clients with 3 cancellations or “no shows” will be unenrolled from the program; joining a class more than 5 minutes late will result in an absence. You may re-enroll, but 3 additional absences will result in the removal from the program, indefinitely. Adequate participation is expected during the class and includes, but is not limited to, contributing the discussion, asking questions, and completing homework assigned.

Progress Letters

Requests for letters must be made with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. Letters are processed and issued every Monday, and they can be collected in person at the office or delivered via email.

Join the
Giving Circle

We invite you to join the Giving Circle and make a lasting impact on the lives of youth and their families. Help us to provide a safe and therapeutic environment that fosters respect, diversity, inclusion, and belonging to our communities.